Automated Emails for Status Update using PowerApps Flow

This project provides an effective solution for keeping hotel executives up-to-date with the latest information regarding their commitment to providing rooms for employee benefits. Using PowerApps, the system queries a database at predefined intervals based on specified values, retrieves the data, and creates an Excel sheet that contains detailed information.

The PowerApps Flow also retrieves a list of recipient email addresses from the database for each hotel property. The system then sends emails with attached Excel sheets to the designated executives. This approach ensures that executives have access to the latest information at all times.

Furthermore, the project includes a blob storage that enables the P&C team to automatically update recipient email addresses. When a new file is uploaded, a pipeline is triggered automatically, updating the SQL database table with the new email addresses.

Overall, this project presents a seamless and efficient solution for keeping hotel executives informed about their occupancy and ability to meet employee travel benefit needs.

Ali Feizabadi
Ali Feizabadi
Data Scientist, Data Engineer