Data Validation Portal for Analysts

The Data Validation Portal for Analysts is an innovative project that aims to streamline data validation tasks for analysts, specifically those working with hotel-related data. The project has resulted in the creation of an app in PowerApps that is connected to Power Flows in the backend. This allows for prompt access to common major dimension tables, enabling analysts to efficiently validate data for different published products and reports for new or existing hotels.

The app’s capabilities have been designed to remove repetitive tasks for developers, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of ServiceNow requests, further enhancing the productivity of the team.

Using the app is easy. Users can click on the table they want to work with and select their preferred date range and hotel code. The data is then retrieved from the SQL database and added to an Excel sheet, which is subsequently downloaded to the user’s device. The file is named to include information about the date and table, making it easy to identify and manage.

The Data Validation Portal for Analysts is a valuable tool that provides analysts with a more efficient and streamlined approach to data validation. By leveraging the capabilities of PowerApps and Power Flows, this project has significantly reduced the time and effort required to validate data, allowing analysts to focus on more critical tasks.

Ali Feizabadi
Ali Feizabadi
Data Scientist, Data Engineer